Shantaya Stephanie's Podcast

Monday, May 3, 2010

Last and Final Goodbye!

My partner Shantaya and I work very well together. We may have fooled around a little at times but when it came to getting our lesson plan together, we ended up getting it done at a resonable time. In fact, we barely wasted any time getting it done. I liked having Shantaya as a partner because I feel like we wrk well with one another (although I don't know if she feels the same towards me). I felt that the character traits that each of my classmates had to act out was one of the many challenges that I had to tackle that day. If I remember correctly, I think that Shantaya and I were the second group to go and teach. I feel like all of my classmates wanted to make it hard for us once they got comfortable as a whole. I know that I constantly kept tending to everyone for every little problem that they had and that there were some things that the students were doing that I could have avoided. But overall, I thought that shantaya and I did pretty good for exicuting our lesson plan.
The Objectives for our lesson plan was:

  • Students will write a sentence about groundhogs
  • Students will color a picture of what a groundhogs look like
  • Students will evaluate the book " Go to Sleep Groundhog"

As far as assessment went, we basically asked the students some simple questions about the story that they read along with the podcast and the reading. We also did things like circulated the classroom to see how well the students were doing their independent work, used rubrics to grade the classwrk that each student completed and we set a standard that the students had to comply with. They had to meet more than half of the requirements with at least a =-/.

I feel that our lesson plan was executed exactly as it was written except for the part where the teacher had to read to the students again after we handed out the KWL chart. Also when th students had to tell the class what they wrote for their KWL charts. I think that this was because the students were being a little too disruptive at the time. I feel that the Classroom rules were excecuted very well for the most part but as the students began to feel more comfortable, the students became more roudy and they eventually stopped following the rules.

I feel that if I were to teach again, I would not want to keep tending to all of the students that were showing some kind of trait of rebelion and disrespect.

I feel that if I did ignore some of the students and continued on with the lesson, then the class would have been a little more productive and les disruptive because the students would soon realze that they are not going to get the attention that they want from me as a teacher.

I feel like my partner and I needed to improve the way that we exicuted disapline to the classroom. I think when it came to enforcing the classroom rules was a bit disorganized in a sense. I feel that more planning should have went into it.

In our lesson plan we used the podcast as the start of our lesson. We first did the classroom ruls with the students then we continued our lesson by letting the podcast play first before we gave any handouts and such. I felt that it was a great way to get the students to be open minded throughout the lesson as a way for them to wonder about what was to come with the lesson.

For the most part when my partner and I played the pocast they were listening closely because the podcast was very loud and clear and we made character voices as well as a way to keep the students focused and I feel that it was a successfull podcast.

I feel that for the most part, everyone's lesson plan was very creative fun. If I were in a classroom and getting involved with alot of these activities, I feel that I would have had a significant amount of fun. Although there were some lessons that was somewhat unprepared, I feel that a lot of the teachers were able to pull through and make it work. (Marie's lesson was a great example) I really liked the lesson that Katie and Kathy had for the class. I especially liked the turtle that they brought in to show the class. The centers that they had for the class was really fun as well I liked their lesson alot and I had so much fun.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Final Reflection in Lab

Today Shantaya and I finally finished recording our book onto podcast. It took us about seven to eight diffent tries before we were satisfied with our product. I liked it and I also had fun even though I was so hot in this room. I also posted the questions for the book that we worked on and changed some of the questions as well so today was a succesful day for me. I still have some catching up to do with my lesson plan and I hope to get that in. I am so congested right now but once I am caught up with everything I'll have more to tell.

Questions for the podcast project.

There are five questions that will be asked for this book:
"Go to Sleep Groundhog" By: Judy Cox

1. What is a groundhog? Have you ever seen one in real life?
2. What is a season? What do you like to do during each season?
3. Why is it that when the groundhog wakes up and goes outside, it is a different season each time?
4. Why is it important for the groundhog to get to sleep? What would you do if couldn't get any sleep?
5. What happens when the groundhog see's his shadow?

Last Day to Podcast in Lab :-(

Today is our last day to finish our podcasting publishing in the lab. I'm actually a little upset about this because I've been having a lot of fun and it seems like we are never free of time because we always have something to do. I on the other hand have been falling a little behind with this class and that's what I was afraid of to have happen to me. I was sick last week and now I have a lot of things to do to catch up. My partner and I have to start reading our story because we haven't started yet (I know she's upset about that). Well I'll let you know about what else happens today. TTYL!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Ending of Day 2 of Podcasting

Okay so today was full of disaster. Sadly As I had mentioned earlier that my partner and I was looking around for our book "Go To Sleep Groundhog". Shantaya had to go to her apartment to look for the book then she had to go to her boyfriend's place to see if it was there. Sure enough, it was not there either :-( So when Shantaya came back to the classroom I had to leave the classroom to see if I could find it. I searched everywhere and It was no where to be found. (Maybe the book went hybernating itself and won't come out untill later on today.) I feel as though I ran a mile and a half today just to find this book. More to come :-(

Day 2 of Podcasting

Today I came to class ontime unlike the other day (ha ha) but the problem is that shamtaya did as well but we forgot our book that we were suppose to work with :-( so she had to go back to her place to check and see if it was at her place. I just texted her and apparently it wasn't there. The only reason why I didn't go and chek my place was because I knew she was the last person with the book. I remember putting it on her computer desk during our last class meeting. This really suck but she thinks she left it at her boyfriend's appartment so we'll see what happens I'll keep you posted with more details.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Podcast reflection

Today our class worked on the introduction to podcasting. when I first arrived in the computer lab, I had no idea what was going on or what was going to happen. I thought that I was going to keep messing up with my project and get lost the whole entire class period. The class turned out okay. I followed what the professor was saying and she worked with everyone to make sure that we were all on the same page. My partner Shantaya and I were able to experience what podcasting really was today and I actually enjoyed it. The lab is really hot though so it was a little hard to concentrate at one point. Overall, I enjoyed my time here with the class and my partner. the website that we worked on was From there we wrere able to record and create an account to continue on with our project. I had lots of fun.